A Beginning (The Worlds Smallest Oil Painting?)
A Fallen Angel Is Still An Angel - 2011
A Fish Called Wanda - 2012
A Flower A Thought 2004
A Flower In A Broken Mirror 2009
A Happy Triangle - 2012
AIK (1) - 2006
AIK (2) - 2006
AIK (3) - 2006
A Jennifer Rush Flower - 2011
Abstract Flowers - 1996
Abstract Flowers 2006 (Big Image)
Abstract Flowers 2007 (Big Image)
Abstraction - Green House (Details)
Abstraction - Green House - 2005
Abstract Landscape 2006 (Big Image)
Abstract Nude Model 2007 (Big Image)
Abstract Still Life - 2010
Abstract Flowers Art
(Al Capone)Portrait of Al
Alabama Hips (Big Image)
Alabama Hips (Interior)
Alabama Hips And California Breast - 2011
Alabama Hips And Texas Breast
Alabama Hips And Texas Breast In The Montana Woods
Alabama Hips In The Forest
Alabama Hips Near The Bermuda Triangle
Albatross City (Big Image)
All of my Paintings - Page 10
All of my Paintings - Page 2
All of my Paintings - Page 4
All of my Paintings - Page 6
All of my Paintings - Page 8
All By My Self (Big Image)
All of my Paintings as mini-thumbnails - Page 1.
All of my Paintings as mini-thumbnails - Page 3.
All of my Paintings as mini-thumbnails - Page 5.
All of my Paintings as mini-thumbnails - Page 7.
All That They Take Is Your Time - 2012
All This Is Not Wasted Time 2009
Alone Again, Naturally - 2012
Alone With God - 2003 (#1)
Alone With God - 2003 (#2)
Alone With God Again - 2004
A Man In The Middle Of Varna 2009
Amaze Me, Distract Me, Inspire Me, Love Me (Big Image)
A Midsummer Night's Dream - 2006
Anderson - 2005
Abstract Still Life (Angry Apple) - 2006
The Angry Flower - 2010
A Night Filled With Black Sunshine (Big Image)
Another State Of Mind - 2011
Another Wall Of Silence (Big Image)
Another World In My World - 2004
Anything Is Possible (Big Image)
A Part Of Me Will Always Be Me (Brown frame)
A Piece Of Flowers - 2006
A Piece Of My Angel - 2006
Archimedes Of Syracuse
A Red Flower In The Night - 2010
Artist at work (1)
A Simple Dream About Freedom - 2004
At The Dock Of The Bay 2009
Auction Page - Ongoing Auctions
Autumn - (Big Picture)
Autumn (1)(Big Image)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Big Image)
A Song For You 2003
Your Song (Big Image)
Basement 48 - 2006
Baywatching (Big Image)
It's The Beginning, Not The End(Big Image)
It's The Beginning, Not The End
Behind The Sorrows There's Always Flowers -2006
Bernie The Fish
Be Sure Before You Close The Door (Big Image)
Beyond Myself - 2003
Big Love in a Small Heart - 2011
Biography - Artist: Tommie Olofsson
Birches (Big Image)
Black Holes and Beyond 2003
Black Pi -2006
Black Sunset 2003
Blame It On The Bossanova
Flowers 2000
Flowers 1973
Blowing In The Wind 2007
Blue Cup (Big Image)
Blue Bull (1995)
Blue Carafe - 2002
Blue Carafe Filled With Love (Big Image)
Blue Castle
Blue Deep Impact 2008
Blue In The Sunset -2006
Sunset 69 Blue In The Sunset - 2006
Blue Nude Woman (Big Image)
Blue Water
Bohemian Rhapsody (Big Image)
Six Bottles (1997)
Bourbon Road
Boy George - 2010
The Bright Side of Chaos
Brown Bottle and Blue Cup
The Blue Bull (Big Image)
The Bull From Dry Wood (Big Image)
Bullseye Flowers (2007)
Butterfly (2001)
B Mine (2) 2003
Call Love, it's Needed Here (Big Image)
Calle Bildt Without Oops-tions (Big Image)
Cancan (Big Image)
Can't Fight The Moonlight (Big Image)
Captain Hook And His Hook (X-tra Big Image)
Captain Hook And His Hook 2007
Carafe, Earth, Wind and Fire (Big Image)
Carafe 6 (1995)
Carafe of Andalusia (Big Image)
Carafe Filled With Everything And Nothing (Big Image)
Carafe Filled With The Invisible Truth 2007
Carafe From Yesterday (Big Image)
Carafe Full Of Life (Big Image)
Carafe Impossible (Big Image)
Carafe Of The Lonely Hunter
Carafe Of Another Tomorrow 2008
Carafe Of No Tomorrow 2008
Carafe Without The Sorrows Of Yesterday 2009
Cat-Flower - 2011
Coca-Cola illusion in the desert
illusion in the desert
Coca-Cola illusion in the desert - Movie
CD-cover: Bootleggers Blues
C'est Pour Toi (Big Image)
Chess in Hell
Chess Puzzle And Pain In The Ass Sorrows (Big Image)
Child Of God (Big Image)
Christmas Flower - frame options
Christmas Flower 2008 (Big Image)
Church No: 1767 (Big Image)
Strong Foundation (Big Image)
Le Grande Finale
Church Of The Cross - 2003
Circle of Light -Interiör
Circle of Light -2006
City at Sunset - 1996
City Flowers (Big Image)
The City and Me (Big Image)
The City Of My Childhood (Big Image)
Cocktail With The Devil and Dinner With God (Big Image)
Coffee and Milk (Big Image)
Composition 3 - 2000
Composition 37CL (Big Image)
Composition 4 (Big Image)
Composition 37B (Big Image)
Concord City (Big Image)
Contradiction (Big Image)
Crack Up Flower (Big Image)
Cross Flower (XBig Image)
Cross Flower 2007
Crossroads (Big Image)
Who Am I To Say That (Big Image)
Who Am I To Say That 2007
Dare You, Dare I - 2012
Dear Rasputin! - 2004
Deep Beyond Comprehension (Big Image)
Dejavue (Big Image)
Dangerous Game - 2003
Dick White 2007
Did it Again (Big Image)
Dirty Dancing - 2010
Don't Bring Me Down 2003
Don't Even Think About It - 2003
Don't Ever Try To Understand Everything (Details)
Don't Fence Me In - 2006
Don't Pay The Ferryman -2006
Don't Sleep On The Subway - 2004
Downtown looking for Big L - 2006
Down Under Construction (Big Picture)
Dream 4 - 1975 (small)
Dream 5 - 1999
Dream 7 2002
Dream Seven - 2002
Dreams Are My Reality - 2010
East Of The Border 2007
El Grande Blues 2008
Empty Bottles - 2002
One Day at a Time - 2003
Enigma (Big Image)
Erotic And Nude Abstract Art (1)
Erotic Delirium - 2002
Eva - 2005
Eva In The Forest - 2006
Every Thing Has Its Own Heaven
Face It - 2010
Family Walk - 2010
Five Stone Flowers (Big Image)
Flamenco - 2004
Flamenco Flower Dance (Big Image)
Flower For Christmas (Big Image)
Flower For Christmas (Gold Frame)
Flower In The Sun - 2010
Flower January - 2007
Flower October - 2006
Flower Of An Angel's Voice 2009
Flower Of A Tear - Movie
Flower Of Eros 2009
Flowers 2000 (Big Image)
Flowers Are Not Always The Same (Big Image)
Flowers On a Green Table (Frame Options)
Flowers In The Heart (Big Image)
Flowers In The Night - 2010
Flowers Of Course (Big Image)
Flowers Of January - 2010
Flying Georgie Boy (Interior)
Flying Georgie Boy 2007
Flying Lost Souls (Big Image)
Flying Red Flower - 2006
Come Fly With Me, Lets Fly away... - 2004"
Forest (2)
Forest (My Home 2)
Forever (Big Image)
For To One - 2005
Four Leaf - 2005
Four Of Many 2007
Four Stone Flowers (Big Image)
Framed Forever (Big Image)
Framed Forever (Details)
Framed Carafe (Big Image)
Even In A Framed Heart Something Beautiful Remains - 2010
Fredriksson The Teddy Bear - 2011
TITEL# --galleri/index.htm
Gallery 1
Gallery 11
Gallery 13
Gallery 15
Gallery 17
Gallery 3
Gallery 5
Gallery 7
Gallery 9
Searched For a Gate, Found a Bridge (Big Image)
Geometric and Square Art (1)
Geometric and Square Art (3)
Geometric and Square Art (5)
Georgie Boy (Big Image)
Get Of My Foot! 2003
Get Ready For Love - 2010
Going Too Far (1) - 2005
Going Too Far Too (Big Image)
Goodbye To Broken Hearts - 2010
Good Night My Love - 2012
Green Bruises On A Blue Soul - (Big Picture)
Green Green Grass Of Home (Big Image)
Growing Up Woman 2007
TITEL --guestbook/guestbk2.htm
TITEL --guestbook/guestbk4.htm
The Yellow Chair (Big Image)
Happiness On The Way (Big Image)
Happy Butterfly (Big Image)
Happy Carneval (Details)
The Happy Family - 2011
Happy Flowers - 2005 (Big Image)
Happy Joystick (Big Image)
Happy Joystick Too (Big Image)
Happy New Year (Big Image)
Happy Red Nude Woman - 2010
Happy Snake (Big Image)
Happy Woman In The Forest 2008
Hard Working Woman (Big Image)
A Hard Working Woman 2007
Heart 2007 (Interior)
Heart Plus Heart Equal Love (Big Image)
Heart Side Of Life 2007
Heart To Heart (Big Image)
Hello, Is It Me You Are Looking For (Big Image)
Henrietta Blue 2007
Henrietta Blue Nude 2007
Here We Come - 2010
Heroes Comes And Goes But I'm Still Here (Big Image)
Hillary on The Hill (Big Image)
Hold Me - 2003
Hole in The Sky - 2002
Hollywood (Big Image 2)
Hollywood - 2003
Home Of The Artist (1)
Home Of The Artist (11)
Home Of The Artist (13)
Home Of The Artist (15)
Home Of The Artist (3)
Home Of The Artist (5)
Home Of The Artist (7)
Home Of The Artist (9)
Home Is Where Your Heart Is - 2011
In Quest For The Right Horizon (Big Image)
Horse Riding Bare-Back - 2003
Hot Black Yellow Dream (Big Image)
The House Of The Rising Sun - 2004
Houston, I Have A Problem 2003
How Can I Go On - Movie
Howling At The Moon - 2003
Hunger For Love And Music - 2004
Order Form
I Believe - 2010
I Believe I Can Fly - 2005
I Can't Be What I'm Not - 2010
I Don't Have No Time For The Monkey Business 2009
I Don't Wanna Sing The Blues In The Dark - 2011
I Don't Want to Eat Lunch All By Myself 2009
I Don't Want To Face The Music - 2010
If I Only Could Reach You (Big Image)
I Have A Square In The Middle - 2010
I Know That You Exist -2004
I Love The Way You Love Me (Big Image)
I'm Gonna Make You Happy (Big Image)
I'm Your Lady and You Are My Man 2007
I Need A Miracle - 2004
I'm Just The Pieces Of The Man I Used To Be - 2012
In Every Corner There's a Choice 2008
Instruments Of Love 1998
Intermezzo For Three Violins (Big Image)
In The End It Will Be All Black - 2010
In The End Of The Line (Big Image)
It's Alright, Ma - I'm Only Bleeding - 2004
It All Begins Where It Ends (Big Image)
It's A Hard Thing For A Dreamer - 2007
It's A Long Way To Tipparary - 2004
It's Alright but not OK - 2004
It's Been A Good Year For The Roses (Big Image)
It's For Us The Sun Is Going Up - 2006
It's For You 2009
It's Just A Matter Of Time - 2010
It's Just Because (2) - 2004
It's Not Here And It's Not Now 2009
It's Up To You To Make Me Understand (Big Image)
I Turn To You When I'm Upside Down - 2010
It Was Not This Day (X-Big Image)
It Was Not This Day 2007
I Want It All And I Want It Now - 2010
I Want To Know What The Deal Is (Big Image)
I Was Born To Love You - 2010
I Will Always Love You (Big Image)
I Will Survive Even If My Guitar Is Broken - 2011
I Wonder When We're Gonna Make It 2007
I Won't Back Down (Big Image)
I Want Your Body Next To Mine 2005
Jesus - Movie
Jesus (Big Image)
The Joker And The Clown - Frame Options
Jump In The River And Learn To Swim (Big Image)
Just Another Manic Monday (Big Image)
Just An Other Ordinary Day (Big Image)
Just Fucking Lines (Big Image)
Killing Time
Just Like Working in a Coal Mine (Big Image)
Just Talking With My Higher Power - 2010
Karl Bildt Utan Klipp 2007
Kermit Blues - 2006
Kissing The Frog Without Success (Big Image)
Knocking On Heavens Door - Details
Knocking On Heavens Door - 2002
Lady In Red (Big Image 2)
Lady In Red - 2006
Learning To Be Humble - 2010
Learn to Crawl Before You Talk (Big Image)
Let It Always Be Me Flowers 2007
Life Is A Party - 2004
Life is Life (Big Image)
Life Is Not Always A Bed Of Roses (Big Image)
Life is Not Black or White (Details)
Light From Spain 2009
Light My Fire - 2003
Little Angry Apple - 2010
Little Lady In Red - 2006
Little Puzzle People (Big Image)
The Little Red Virgin - 2006
Logical And Inevitable (Big Image)
The Lonely Carafe - 2004
Lonely Man - 2003
Looking For A Way To Hide My Fear (Big Image)
Lost in No Man's Land (Big Image)
Lost In San Diego (Big Image)
Louisiana Blues - 2004
Love And Fear (Big Image)
Love Heart (Big Image)
Love In China Valley - 2007
Love Is In The Air 2008
Love is Like Flowers (Big Image)
Love Is Not Always On Time - 2004
Love Is On The Way - 2012
Love Machine - 2004
Love Me If You Dare (Big Image)
Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow 2008
Love On The Run (Very Big Image)
Love On The Run - 2006*
Lovers (2) 1999
Abstract Blue Carafe (Big Image)
Lovers (3)(Big Image)
Love, Sweat And Tears (Big Image)
Lucky Way (Big Image)
Mac Rottweiler (certificate)
ROTTWEILER Mac Stamtavla
Madame Butterfly 2003
Madame Butterfly - 2003
Music, Maestro, Please! - 2004
The Man in The Corner - 2001
Mother of Many (Interior Image)
Maria Madonna - (Big Image)
Dream 5 - 1996
Me And Bobby Mcgee - Big Image
Midnight In The Afternoon - 2007
The Milky Way Garden - 2003
Miss April - 2011
Mission Impossible - (Big Image)
Mona Liza - (Big Image)
Mona-Liza (Print Calendar - 2006)
Mona La Sihn - 2006
Monkey Business Big Image)
Moon River - 2003
More Flowers More Love - 2007
More Than A Bundle Of Lies - 2006
More Than Cracks in The Pavement (Big Image)
Morning Fire - 2004
Most Likely You Go Your Way 2003
Mother-in-Law (Big Image)
Mother of Many 2007
Mother To A Flower (Big Image)
Abstract Paintings - Short Movies (2)
Movies - Index
Mini Gallery - Sida 2
Fit For Fight - 2003
Mini Gallery - Sida 4
Mini Gallery - Sida 6
Mr Popova (Big Image)
ROTTWEILER Spike Oil Painting 2004
Music All Night Long - 2003
Music From The Silent Pyramid 2009
Mutiny On The Bounty (X-tra Big Image)
Mutiny On The Bounty 2007
About My Art
My Beauty is On The Inside - 2010
My Blue Flower - 2004
My Favorite Angel -2006
My Flower Is On The Other Side - 2012
My Piece Of Rocky Mountain (Big Image)
My White Angel - 2006
Neptunus Lex (Big Image)
Never Is A Long Time (Big Image)
Never Let The Hunter Shoot You Down - (Big Image)
New Paintings (1)
Night After Night, No Questions Asked - 2011
No Bananas Today - 2006
There Is No Easy Way Out - 2003
No Letters To Say 2009
No More Entering The Dark - 2007
Non-Figurative Abstract Art (2)
Non-Figurative Abstract Art (4)
Non-Figurative Abstract Art (6)
Dream About The Future - 2004
North Of The Border 2007
Jolly Big Norwegian Blues - (Big Image)
Not Alone (#1) - 2003
Nothing Takes The Past Away - Movie
Nothing To Hide, No Need To Pretend - 2010
Not Looking Back (Big Image)
Not Total Chaos, Yet (Big Image)
Nude All The Way - 2010
Nude Models - (Big Image)
Nude Red Woman - 2011
Nude Woman Blue 2009
Nude Woman In Blue - 2012
Nude Yellow (Big Image)
Nude And Erotic Abstract Art (2)
Old Bingo Player? Never Dice? (Big Image)
Once Again, Why? (Big Image)
Once Born Free (Big Image)
Once I Was With You (Big Image)
One Is Blue - 2006
One is Unforgettable 2007
One More Try To Get It Right - 2006
One Of Many 2007
One Of Those Days - (Big Image)
One Of Us is Lying (Big Image)
Only Love Can Keep Us Alive - 2010
On The Run From The Birdcage (Big Image)
The Light from Ossacip - 2000
Over The Rainbow (Big Image)
Carafe P8 (Big Image)
Carafe Blue P82 (Big Image)
Pablo (Big Image)
Passion in The Dark 2007
Postcards (Ossacip)
People Living On The Edge Of Life - 2012
The Phantom of the Opera (Big Image)
The Violin Of Ruiz
Picasca, The Female Painter (Big Image)
Picasso 2 (Big Image)
Picasso Revisited In Black And White - 2012
Pick Up The Pieces And Go On With Your Life 2007
Pieces Of Flowers - 2006
Pieces Of How It Used to Be - 2010
Poet in The Desert (Big Image)
Poet In The Window (Big Image)
Point Of No Return (1) - 2003
Point Of No Return (2) - 2004
Postcard Send (1)
Postcard Send (11)
Postcard Send (3)
Postcard Send (5)
Postcard Send (7)
Postcard Send (9)
Powerless (Big Image)
Powerless (3)- 2003
The Power Of Good Bye (Big Image)
The Power Of Good Bye - 2004
Private Collection, Rottne, Sweden
Private Collection, Trollhättan, Sweden
Private Collection, Mjölby, Sweden
Private Collection, Torslanda, Sweden (1)
Private Collection, Stockholm, Sweden
Private Collection, Härnösand, Sweden
Private Collection, Sala, Sweden
Private Collection, Bandhagen, Sweden
Private Collections (Page 1)
Private Collections (Page 2)
Proud Flowers Of Pride
Puppy Oil Painting - 2004
Pussy - 2005
Pyramid Blues - 2005
The Quartet - 1999
There Is At Least One In Every Crowd - 2012
Reaching Out (Big Image)
Ready For Love (Big Image)
Red Abstract Flower (Big Image)
Red And Black Monday - 2010
Red Hot Coffee - 2006
Red Hot Devil In The Bush - (Big Picture)
Red Nude Woman (Big Image)
Red Sunset At The Black Sea - 2004
Reflections Of My Life - 2010
Release Me (Interior)
Release Me (Big Image)
The Restless Warrior - 2003
The Rythm Of Love - 2004
The Knights Of The Round Table - 2004
Rolling Cross (Big Image)
Romeo and Juliet -2006
The Rooster - 1989
Running For Love - 2007
Back To Square One - 2003
Sailing Home Across The Sea - 2005
Sailing in My Mind With Love as The Destination - (Big Image)
Santa Susanna - 2005
Sara (Big Image)
Searching For The Goal (Big Image)
See You When You Get There - 2005
Self Portrait of a Wishing Well 2003
Shadow Of A Promise (Big Image)
Shadow of a Promise 2008
Shadow Of The Sun - 2005
Shangri-La It Ain't (Big Image)
Park The Shark (Big Image)
Shelter From The Storm (Big Picture)
Shit Happens - 2006
Short Walk Of Life 2009
Simply Love 2008
Sister of Mercy (Cousin of Santa Susanna) - 2006
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay (Big Image)
Six Flowers - 2007
The Sky is The Limit - 2003
The Sleepwalker's Blues - 2004
Small But Strong Flower Power 2009
Small Butterfly - (Big Image)
Small Deep Impact 2008
Small Destiny Flowers - 2006
Small Flowers Of Endless Love - 2006
Small Heart With Big Love 2007
Small Pieces Of Flowers - 2006
Small Stone Flower (X-Big Image)
Small Stone Flower 2007
Small Talking Carafe - (Big Picture)
Snoopy The Man 2009
Solitary Problem (Big Image)
Some Flames Never Die - 2005
Some Of The Few Who Will Not Surrender - 2006
Some Of The Small Things In Life - 2010
Someone is Watching Over Me (X-tra Big Image)
Someone is Watching Over Me 2003
Someone Somewhere (Big Image)
Something With A Woman ... 2004
Something With A Woman 2 2004
Sometimes It's A Bumpy Road 2006
Sometimes My Mind Is Killing Me 2008
Some Working Days In The Studio 2007
Sonny Walkman (Big Picture)
Son Of A Square Philosopher 2009
Sono Un Fiore 2009
Sooner Or Later (Big Image)
Sound Of Silence (Big Image)
Sound Of Silence (Big Image)
South Of The Border 2007
So Close, So Far Away (Big Image)
Spanish Music in Paris (Big Image)
Spanish Flowers
Speak Now or For Ever Hold Your Peace (Big Image)
Details of paintings 1
Details of paintings 3
Spring (2) - 2006
Spring (1) 2006
Square Apples, They Ain't (Big Image)
Square Philosopher (Big Image)
The Easel (Big Image)
Stand By Me Flowers 2007
Standing in the Twilight Zone (Big Image)
Standing Right Here Right Now - 2010
Still Dancing, Still Dreaming, Still Alive (Big Image)
Still I Won't Back Down 2009
Still Running In The Twilight Zone - 2011
Still Talking 2008
Still Trying, Still Flying, Still Falling - 2012
Stolen Face - 2006
Stormy Yellow Hips (Big Image)
Still Ready For The Struggle - 2003
Old news from my studio (3)
The latest news from my studio
From The Studio Jun-Sep 2008)
From The Studio (1)
From The Studio (11)
From The Studio (13)
From The Studio (15)
From The Studio (17)
From The Studio (3)
From The Studio (5)
From The Studio (7)
From The Studio (9)
Summer Abstraction 2006
Summer (2) (Big Image)
Summer (1)(Big Image)
Sunset Paintings (1)
Sunset 11 2003
Sunset 12 (Big Image)
Sunset 15 2003
Sunset 18 2003
Sunset 20 2004
Sunset 37 2004
Sunset 56 2005
Sunset 59 - 2005
Sunset 61 - 2005
Sunset 63 - 2006
Sunset 65 - 2006
Sunset 67 - 2006
Sunset 7 (Big Image)
Sunset 71 - 2006
Sunset 73 - 2006
Sunset 74 (Big Image)
Sunset 75 (Big Image)
Sunset 76 (Big Image)
Sunset 77 (Big Image)
Sunset 78 (Big Image)
Sunset 79 (Big Image)
Sunset 9 - 2003
Sunset At The Black Sea 2008
Sunset At The Sea Of Unreasonableness - 2009
Sunset at Yellow Lake - 2010
Sunset In Green Bay -2006
Sunset Paintings (3)
Sunset Paintings (5)
Table No. 94 (Big Image)
Taking Care Of An Angel - (Big Image)
Tango For Three 2007
Composition 38 1997
Woman without a mask - 1997
Tea For Two 2003
Tell Him - 2006
Telling Myself The Truth With A Bunch Of Lies - 2010
Ten Flowers - 2010
The Answer Is Not Far Away - 2003
The Way - (Via Dolorosa) - Movie
The Black Putin Red Triangle Square 2007
The Blue Ark - 2010
The Blue Picador Carafe - 2010
The Blues Of The Unforgivable Sinners (Big Image)
The Blue Triangle Square (Big Image)
The Broken Violin - 2010
The Crowd Don't Understand But Do I - 2010
The Day Before You Came - 2011
The Day I Didn't Die (Details)
The Day I Flipped Out (Big Image)
The Day I Was Happy - 2012
The Day The Black Angel Saved Me (Big Image)
The Day The Night Stood Still - 2010
The Enigmatic Forest People - 2010
The Eyes Of a Certain Truth - 2006
The First Cut Is The Deepest (Big Image)
The Flying Cock Horse (Big Image)
The Four Musketeers (Big Image)
The Future Is Behind Us (Big Image)
The Gate - 2006
The Girl From Yesterday 2009
The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side - 2006
The Green One Is Down - (Big Image)
The Green Trafalgar Square (Big Image)
The Green Triangle Square (Big Image)
The Green Virgin - 2010
The Heart Of The One And Only 2007
The The Holy Trinity - 2006
The House Of Love Have No Door (Big Image)
The Humble Bottle (Big Image)
The Immortal Carafe (Big Image)
The Kiss - 2003
The Knee Of God - 2006
The Last Supper (Big Image)
The Last Walk - 2010
The Lonesome Hobo 2007
The Long March (Big Image)
The Lucky Way (Big Image)
The Man In The Horizon 2008
The Nuclear Family (Big Image)
The Outsider (Big Image)
The Owl Is Singing Again - 2005
The Past Is Gone, So What! - 2004"
The Pregnant Carafe - 2005
The Promise - 2004
The Question Is Here - 2005
The Reason For Playing This Song Is You (Big Image)
The Red Baron's Last Flight (X-tra Big Image)
The Red Baron's Last Flight 2007
The Red One - 2005
There Is Only One Like You - 2005
The Restless Warrior - 2011
The Ride Of Your Life - 2004
The Searcher 2009
The Shadow Of Tomorrow Is Gone - 2012
The Shadow Of Your Smile (Big Image)
The Silent Rookie (Big Image)
The Small Black Picasso - 2011
The Small Stonehenge People - 2011
The Snake Garden 2009
The Square Philosopher 2008
The Tiger In Me - (Big Picture)
The Trinity - (Big Picture)
The Way - 2010
The Way The Egghead Goes - 2005
The White Virgin Heart - 2012
The White Virgin Square (Big Image)
They Can't Take My Love Away (Details)
The Yellow Triangle Square (Big Image)
They Say My Love For You Is Insane (Big Image)
The City and Me (Big Image)
The Eternity - frame options
The Quartet - 1999
Thinking Outside The Box - 2005
This Pain Will Not Last Forever 2009
Thousand Miles From Nowhere - 2006
Three Gray Days In Color 2008
Three Women - 2003
Three More Gray Days In Color 2008
Three Of Many 2007
Three Stone Flowers (Big Image)
Through Life Without Cruise Control 2009
The Tunnel (Big Image)
Time - 2005
Time Waits For Nobody - 2005
Time Is All I Need - 2004
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Thumbnails 1
Thumbnails 11
Thumbnails 13
Thumbnails 15
Thumbnails 17
Thumbnails 3
Thumbnails 5
Thumbnails 7
Thumbnails 9
Today My Balloons Are Flying Free (Big Image)
Together But Alone (Big Image)
Tomorrow Don't Exist - 2007
Too Blind To See - 2006
Too Late To Say I'm Sorry - 2003
One Is Too Much (Big Image)
Too Tired To Talk About It 2009
Trapped In A Lie (Details)
Trapped in The Blue Universe (Big Image)
Triangle Of Light - 2006
Tricky Question - 2005
Triple And Touch Flowers 2009
True Colors - 2011
True Love - 2006
Trying Toget Out Of The Rain (Big Image)
Trying To Make It Work 2007
Trying To Turn Back Time - 2006
Two Black Clouds on a Sunny Day is No Big Deal 2007
Two Black In The Back - 2005
Two Circles And One Triangle (Big Image)
Two Is Better Than One - 2005
Two Of Many 2007
Two Nude Models - 2003
Two Of Us 2009
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad (Big Image)
Two Stone Flowers (Big Image)
The Singing Owl (Big Image)
Different Universe (1) 1994
Different Universe (3) 1999
Different Universe (4) 2001
Universe Of Tomorrow 2003
Gallery 10B
Gallery 10D
Vo-Le-Vo 2001
Waiting - 2007
Waiting for a Sign - 2006
Waiting For Something To Fall From The Sky - 2007
Walking Beside The Rhinestone Cowboy 2005
Wall Of Silence (Big Image)
We Are The Champions (Big Image)
We Are What We Are (Big Picture)
We Don't Need Another Hero (Big Image)
We Don't Say Good Bye - 2005
West Of The Border 2007
West Side Story (Big Image)
What Can I Do About It 2008
Whatever I Search For I Will Find (Bigger Image)
Whatever I Search For I Will Find - 2006
What Will Be, Will Be 2004
Wheels In The Sky - 2005
When A Man Loves A Woman (Big Image)
When I Wonder I Ask (Big Image)
When Reality Comes Around (Details)
When The Reality Is Looking At You - 2012
When Rules Of Logic Don't Apply -2006
When The Enemy Surrender (Big Image)
When The Heartache Is Over I Know I Wont Be Missing You (Big Image)
When The Rumor Flies High The Truth Takes A Slow Train
When The Rumor Flies High, The Truth Takes The Slow Train (Big Image)
When Time Is The Space Between Us - 2011
When Two Became One (Big Image)
When You Feel It, You Will Know 2007
Where Do I Fit In 2009
Where To Go - 2006
Wherever You Go I Will Follow (Big Image)
White Shadow Without Strings 2003
White Angel - 2005
Who Needs A Love Like Mine - 2010
Why 2004
Why Is There A Hole In The Sky 2007
Why Make It Complicated - 2010
Why Not Make It Complicated - 2010
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Big Image)
Wilma The Flower 2007
Windmills in My Mind (Big Image)
Winter Abstraction (Big Image)
Winter (1)(Big Image)
Who Is To Blame For This Mess - 2012
One Woman 1996
Nude Woman In Red - 2012
Woman in The Forest - 2005
Woman Thinking Outside The Box - 2011
Woman in The Middle 2002
Woman . . . Dreaming (Big Image)
Woman, Woman, Women 2004
The Yellow Chair (Big Image)
Yellow Submarine 2004
Yesterday (Big Image)
You And Me Against The World (Big Image)
You Are My Lady and I'm Your Man 2007
Your Body Next To Mine - 2005
Your Silence Is Your Song (Big Image)
At The End Of The Road To Nowhere ... - Movie
You Will Know, When You Feel It (Big Image)