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Fredriksson The Teddy Bear Black Hearted Woman Blues When Time Is The Space Between Us Home Is Where Your Heart Is A Child Of God Tell Me Why
I Don't Wanna Sing The Blues In The Dark Love Me For The One I Am Night After Night, No Questions Asked Red, Yellow And Happy A Jennifer Rush Flower Soccer-Head
Another State Of Mind Blue-Winged Gypsy Carafe A Fallen Angel Is Still An Angel I Love You, Even On A Gray Day And Forever Nude Red Woman Big Love in a Small Heart
From My Point Of View All Of Me, Why Not Take All Of Me The Small Black Picasso Cat-Flower I'm Not Only A Flower I'm Not Only A Flower
The White Virgin Heart He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother My Ding Ding Dong The Shadow Of Tomorrow Is Gone We See You Flowers Dare You, Dare I
My Flower Is On The Other Side People Living On The Edge Of Life Abstract Still Life - Carafe and Flowers Everytime We Touch - No One Can Touch Us Good Night My Love The Sound Of A Heart In The Night
Still Trying, Still Flying, Still Falling Alone In The Black Universe Nude Woman In Red Pick Me Tonight Love Is On The Way A Never Fading Flower
All That They Take Is Your Time - Flying Spirits In The Gray Sky Carafe Of The Unforgivable Sinner Don't Turn Your Back On Me Alone Again Naturally Talking To Myself The Day I Was Happy
A Happy Triangle Don't Cry, There Is Always Better Options Picasso Revisited In Black And White An Innocent Soul Disguised As A Flower Proud Flowers Of Pride I'm Just The Pieces Of The Man I Used To Be
When The Reality Is Looking At You Who Is To Blame For This Mess The Day Will Come There Is At Least One In Every Crowd A Fish Called Wanda Running From Myself Or Walking My Black Dog
Trying To Find My Way Back Home He Is Always With Me Sunset On The Impossible Lake Together - This Christmas We Are Not Alone Playing The Game I Am What I Am And That's All That I Am
She May Be The Face I Can't Forget Small Abstract Flower A Peaceful Village Together But Still Alone I Will Survive Again Even If ...  When I'm Lonely, I Google Myself
Taking Each Day As It Comes Mamma Mia I Love To Love You No Way In No Way Out A Moment Of Reflection When The Road Is The Driver
Marooned In The Desert Four Flowers For You Abstract Still Life - Composition No.33 Four Happy Dark-Eyed Flowers Heaven Can Wait Camellia Love Flower
A Small Hero With Big Love A Light In The Dark Love Is More Than Black And White Miss Italy Come Back Before You Leave A Long And Endless Waiting
Another Kind Of Serenity If You Could See Me Now The Red Hummingbird Song Dancing Starfishes A Swordfish And His World Snoopy The Square Man
Snoopy The Square Dog We Are All A Miracle The Square Professor Christmas Flower 2013 I Love You And You Love Me Flying Against The Wind
The Power Of Flowers We Are Inseparable Flower Of The Midnight Blues The Bohemian Carafe Never Is A Long Road Me And My Yellow Submarine
Running Away From The Fear And The Pain Dancing With An Angel Falling Slowly Into Another Day The Five Eyes Are Watching You Home Is Where My Heart Is Don Quijote - Don Quixote
Alone In My Mind All Is Just Black Lies Who You See Isn't Who I Am An Empty And Lonely Carafe Una Storia Importante Female Water Carrier
Sunset At Black Mountain Valley Picasso Black And White We Have All And Nothing But We Have It The Window To My Heart Is Open It's Not My Day But It's My Flower The Sea Of Love
Yes I Was Born To Love You Lost In The Night And Far Away From Home Johnny B. Goode Looking For Hell Or Waiting For God Show Me Heaven, Please! Dancing In My Dreams
Some Memories Always Grow Bigger A Different Shade Of Love Sometimes It Just Happens In Another Universe Flying Black Explosion In Color Take This Life And Live It
When The Night Comes, I Want To See The Sun Looking From A Window Above Life Is Not As Bad As It Looks Take The Small Black Devils From My Mind When The Wrong One Loves You Right All I Can Do Is Pray And Pray
Forever Young There Must Be A Reason For This Making The Wrong Turn To The Right Place The Sorrows Of The Night Are Far Away The Impossible Dream Comes True Joy Of Life
Seems Like Yesterday This Is The Way It Is Right Now All The Troubles Seem So Far Away I Have Seen You Before San Francisco Bay Just Walking On The Milky Way
I Have Done My Time I Don't Wanna Be Hurt By Love There Is More To Think About Than This Never Say Never A Melody In Colors On Silent Wings
It's Time To Let It Fly Away Free Now Just A Destiny Love Has No Borders Fly Me Back Home To Where I Belong Blue River Deep, Blue Mountains High
Just A Small Mistake More Than a One-Way Street The Impossible Just Came True Close To An Angel I Am Not Alone In This This Is Above All
A Garden Full Of Dreams At The Bottom Of Everything Weeping Angels Do Not Cry It's All Over Now Don't Let Me Down Just Let It Be Crash Boom Bang
Exploding Love In The Darkness Flying On The Bright Side Of Life Where The Wind Blows Doing What Can't Be Undone Doing What Can't Be Undone Flying Rodeo Riders
This Is Love This Is More Than Love Catching The Last Train To The Future One Of The Seven Sins The Hidden Power Of The Dark Side Up And Down And Beyond It All
A Place For The Broken Hearted Life Is A Mystery The Rising Star Of Devotion Stand By Me Not Just A Spirit In The Sky Just A Small Wild Part Of Life
Which Bridge To Burn Even In The Darkness There Is Light Even In The Darkness There Is Light It's Late But Not Too Late    

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This document was created with the assistance of my Higher Power and some abstract paintings.