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White Shadow Without Strings Three Women Lonely Man Point Of No Return Tillbaks Till Ruta Ett Pablo
Pablo Alone With God One Day at a Time Powerless Mission Impossible Shelter From The Storm
Music All Night Long It's a Long Way To Tipparary Make Love Not War Light My Fire Two Become One Love Will Stop The Pain
It Ain't Over Until The Fat Lady Sings The Sky is The Limit The Tunnel One Is Too Much The Easel Universe Of Tomorrow
Just Another Day Be Sure Before You Close The Door Game Over, Saddam Get Off My Foot ! Sunset (mini) Crossfire
Cat People Two too empty Houston, I have a problem Stop! In The Name Of Love Bernie The Fish Small Bridge Over Trouble Water
Black Holes and Beyond I Did It My Way The Three Wise Men Too Late (To Say I'm Sorry) The Kiss Gone With The Wind
We Will Meet Again Give Me A Ring Mother-in-law A Simple Dream About Freedom Fit For Fight Love
What's Up . . .  Or Down Think Twice Tomorrow Is Another Day Madame Butterfly Someone is Watching Over Me Don't Bring Me Down
So Close, So Faraway Desert Flower Monkey Business Your Song Together Forever Daddy, Mum and I

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This document was created with the assistance of my Higher Power