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Sooner Or Later Carafe Of The Lonely Hunter Learn to Crawl Before You Talk Never Is A Long Time The Phantom of the Opera San Fernando Valley Woman
Anything Is Possible Blue Carafe 1975 Love Machine Life, Circus and Me Carafe, Earth, Wind and Fire Just Happy
Cocktail With The Devil and Dinner With God The Rooster (1989) My Blue Flower When The Rumor Flies High, The Truth Takes The Slow Train Only A Flower Life is Life
The House Of The Rising Sun The Knights Of The Round Table Life Is Not Always A Bed Of Roses Come Fly With Me, Lets Fly away... Be Sure Before You Close The Door The Look Of Love
Something With A Woman ... The Long Marsh There's Sunshine Wherever You Go The Shadow Of Your Smile Christmas Flower Love, Sweat And Tears
Jump In The River And Learn To Swim TIME The Owl Is Singing Again Killing Time Pyramid Blues Maria and the Three Wise Men
Brown Bottle and Blue Cup Dejavue The Blue Moon And The Voice Of The Past When A Man Loves A Woman Woman In Red Going Too Far
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Bridge Over Trouble Water The Search Is The Target Farmer John Time Waits For Nobody EVA
Woman in The Forest Today's Flower Two Blue Too The Red One Two Black In The Back Yellow Temptation
The Question Is Here Two Is Better Than One The Blue Green Triangle Kiss Me Kate, The World Is Round One Black In The Back For To One

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This document was created with the assistance of my Higher Power