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Abstraction - Green House One Two Three - Sold Sailing Home Across The Sea Wheels In The Sky Georgie Boy Old Bingo Player? Never Dice?
Square Apples, They Ain't Your Body Next To Mine Stolen Identity White Angel Four Leaf Step Inside Love
Thinking Outside The Box Happy Flowers - 2005 There Is Only One Like You We Don't Say Good Bye The Green One Is Down Fat Mammy Brown
Small Butterfly Taking Care Of An Angel Anderson Abstract Still Life The Light In The End Of The Square Tunnel Pussy
Flower November The Last Supper See You When You Get There Once Again, Why? Tricky Question Santa Susanna
I Believe I Can Fly Forever Love On The Run Abstract Blue Carafe Two Circles And One Triangle It All Begins Where It Ends
When The Enemy Surrender The Day I Flipped Out Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Happy Joystick Stolen Face Thousand Miles From Nowhere The Knee Of God The Flying Cock Horse The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side
Tell Him I Won't Back Down The Little Red Virgin When I Wonder I Ask Today My Balloons Are Flying Free Crossroads
Waiting for a Sign Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay Rolling Cross Once I Was With You Whatever I Search for I Will Find Too Blind To See

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This document was created with the assistance of my Higher Power and some thumb nails.