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It's For You The Square Philosopher Love Is In The Air Woman Thinking Outside The Box Pablo Picasso From Malaga It's Not Here And It's Not Now
The Girl From Yesterday At The Dock Of The Bay Sono Un Fiore Small But Strong Flower Power Flower Of Eros Short Walk Of Life
Two Of Us Where Do I Fit In The Snake Garden Flower Of An Angel's Voice Too Tired To Talk About It The Searcher
Triple And Touch Flowers Still I Won't Back Down All This Is Not Wasted Time A Flower In A Broken Mirror Snoopy The Man No Letters To Say
Son Of A Square Philosopher I Don't Have No Time For The Monkey Business Light From Spain Where Will We Be Tomorrow Nude Woman Blue A Man In The Middle Of Varna
I Don't Want to Eat Lunch All By Myself This Pain Will Not Last Forever Music From The Silent Pyramid A White Angel In My Blue Heaven Carafe Without The Sorrows Of Yesterday It's Up To You To Make Me Understand
A Night Filled With Black Sunshine The Future Is Behind Us Baby Elephant Walk Sunset At The Sea Of Unreasonableness A Small Miracle Nude All The Way
Even A Gray Day Has Its Tulips Flowers Of January The Green Virgin My Flower My Way Ten Flowers Love Flower On The Run
My Beauty is On The Inside Flowers In The Night Elephant Walk Goodbye To Broken Hearts Goodbye To Broken Hearts Pieces Of How It Used to Be
Yes, We Have No Bananas The Crowd Don't Understand But Do I  You Never Got To Hear The Violin A Red Flower In The Night I Don't Want To Face The Music Flower Of Mars
Who Needs A Love Like Mine Black Angel Flower In The Sun Flying Away To A Higher Place I Turn To You When I'm Upside Down I Turn To You When I'm Upside Down
The Miracle It's Just A Matter Of Time Let's Spend The Night Together Dirty Dancing Lost In Your Love Standing Right Here Right Now
The Days Goes On I Was Born To Love You More Than Daily Bread Why Make It Complicated Different Colors But The Same Old Lies Why Not Make It Complicated
Love Me Like There Is No Tomorrow The Last Walk No Shelter From the Storm The Blue Picador Carafe Carafe Of The Hungry Soul Just Talking With My Higher Power
A Flower In A Broken Mirror When Sorry Ain't Enough Family Walk Nothing Takes The Past Away Mamara The Blue Ark
He Nothing To Hide, No Need To Pretend Nobody's Wife I Can't Be What I'm Not The Truth Shall Set Me Free Dreams Are My Reality
The Soul Of A Restless Rambler I Believe Four Happy Flowers Learning To Be Humble Noah's Train I Have A Square In The Middle
White Nude The Way Even In A Framed Heart Something Beautiful Remains The Shadow Of Tomorrow Is Behind Us Sunset at Yellow Lake Red And Black Monday
 Here We Come Flowers In The Forest The Enigmatic Forest People Proud Mary Abstract Flower I Hide My Tears Deep In My Heart
Reflections Of My Life Those Were The Days I Want It All And I Want It Now Some Of The Small Things In Life Get Ready For Love And Behind It All There Is Music
The Day The Night Stood Still How Can I Go On Flower Of Rio de Janeiro Telling Myself The Truth With A Bunch Of Lies Octopus Flower Face It
Behind This Fantasy A Square Reality Is Waiting In The End It Will Be All Black Flower Of A Tear Carafe Of Eternity Little Angry Apple Small People In The Corner
Only Love Can Keep Us Alive Just Face It Boy George Flower Of The Heart Happy Red Nude Woman Christmas Flower
The Angry Flower Abstract Still Life A State Of Mind The Restless Warrior Commitments In The Midnight Hour The Happy Family
Alabama Hips And California Breast Still Waiting Running Out Of Time To Find Myself The Day Before You Came Me And Bobby Mcgee A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
The Small Stonehenge People This Boomerang Will Never Comes Back True Colors Everybody Is Looking For Something Miss April Brainman
Still Running In The Twilight Zone A Light In The Night Strange Woman Without Strings I Will Survive Even If My Guitar Is Broken Seven Different Kinds Of People Happy Woman In The Forest Through Life Without Cruise Control

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This document was created with the assistance of my Higher Power and some abstract paintings.