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"The Small Black Picasso"

The Small Black Picasso
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"Alone In My Mind"

Alone In My Mind
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"Don't Turn Your
Back On Me"

Don't Turn Your Back On Me
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"Don't Cry, There Is
Always Better Options"

Don't Cry,There Is Always Better Options
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"A Happy Triangle"

A Happy Triangle
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"Talking To Myself"

Talking To Myself
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"Picasso Black And White"

Picasso Black And White
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"The Miracle"

The Miracle
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"Black Angel"

Nude Black Angel
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"Dirty Dancing"

Dirty Dancing
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"I'm Just The Pieces
Of The Man I Used To Be"

I'm Just The Shadow Of The Man I Used To Be
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"Running From Myself Or
Walking My Black Dog"

Running From Myself Or Walking My Black Dog
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"Running Away From
The Fear And The Pain"

Running Away From The Fear And The Pain
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"Dancing With An Angel"

Dancing With An Angel
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"Falling Slowly
Into Another Day"

Falling Slowly Into Another Day
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"Don Quijote"

Don Quijote - Don Quixote
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"The Five Eyes Are
Watching You"

The Five Eyes Are Watching You
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"All Is Just Black Lies"

All Is Just Black Lies
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"Female Water Carrier"

Bringing Home Water
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"A Different Shade Of Love"

A Different Shade Of Love
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"Some Memories Always
Grow Bigger"

Some Memories Always Grow Bigger
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"Which Way To Go
Which Song To Sing"

Which Way To Go Which Song To Sing
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"The Black Dolphin"

The Black Dolphin
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"Hasta Mañana Mi Amor"

Hasta Maņana Mi Amor
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"Do Not Let The Light
Blind You When It Comes"

Do Not Be Blinded By The Light When It Comes
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"Different Opinions"

Different Opinions
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"A Black And White Night"

A Black And White Night
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"Freedom In Black And White"

Freedom In Black And White
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"The World Is Leaning
Against My Back"

The World Is Leaning Against My Back
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"Time For A New Beginning"

Time For A New Beginning
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"Waiting For A Miracle"

Waiting For A Miracle
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"It Was That Day"

It Was That Day
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"You Don't Understand Me"

You Don't Understand Me
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"Black Is Back"

Black Is Back
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