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Me And Bobby Mcgee
Me And Bobby Mcgee
The Way
The Way (Via Dolorosa)
Abstract Still Life
Abstract Still Life
Another State Of Mind
Another State Of Mind

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The Restless Warrior
"The Restless Warrior"

A Jennifer Rush Flower
"A Jennifer Rush Flower"

"My Beauty is On The Inside"

"Mona Liza"

When The Road Is The Driver
"When The Road Is The Driver"

The Miracle
"The Miracle"

Nude Red Woman
"Nude Red Woman"

Four Flowers For You
"Four Flowers
For You"

Just Talking With My Higher Power
"Just Talking With My Higher Power"
A White Angel In My Blue Heaven
"A White Angel"
"A Light In The Night"
"Pablo Picasso From Malaga"
Woman Thinking Outside The Box
"Woman Thinking Outside The Box"
A Child Of God
"A Child Of God"
The White Virgin Heart - Tommie Olofsson
"The White Virgin Heart"
Standing Right Here Right Now
"Standing Right Here Right Now"

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