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Artist: Tommie Olofsson

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"Mona Liza"

"Mr. Popova"

The Abstract paintings of Tommie Olofsson are reminiscent of early or Analytical Cubism and Surrealism as they either fragment the image into multiple areas like a kaleidoscope or Mona Liza force subtle contradictions within the viewers sense of the familiar. The paintings are composed with sophistication and poise causing the viewer to study them as if to achieve some truer sense of the subject than if it were realistically brought forth from the picture plane.
Mr. Popova
Tommie Olofsson's Collection of oil paintings shows a skill and familiarity with the concepts and applications of Cubism, particularly the earlier phase known as "Analytical", before the inception of foreign or found objects and variant color that came later in the "Synthetic" phase of Cubism's growth.

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