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Mona Liza

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Mona Liza   Alone With God   Maria Madonna   Dream 5   Repainted Pain Abstract Flowers  
Composition 38   The House in The Corner Blue Castle   Woman in The Middle   Flower Of Mars  
6 Bottles   Dream 4 Yellow Chair   Church 1767   Composition 37   Lovers 2  
The Singing Owl (1)   Ossacip   Heaven Can Wait Composition 37 B   I Miss You  
I Don't Want To Face The Music   Powerless   Dream 7   Universe 2  
Albatross City   Albatross City Big   Crazy, In Love   City At Sunset   Birdie   The Picador Violin  
Sunset (7)   Sunset (7) Big Picture   Not Alone (Sunset 1)   Another Sunset At 8 PM   Pablo  
Sunset (9)   Powerless   Powerless (Big Picture)   Hole in The Sky  
Hole in The Sky (Big Picture)   Heaven Can Wait   Woman Without a Mask  
Sunset (#10)   Blue Carafe   Blue Carafe (Big)   Framed Forever (different Frames)  
Empty Bottles   Park The Shark - Be a Bird    Park The Shark - Be a Bird (Big Picture)  
Small and Big Paintings 1   Small and Big Paintings 2   Cross Fire (2) The Rooster (1989) 
Black Sunset   Blue Bull   One Day at a Time   One Day at a Time (Big)  
Carafe 6   Abstract Flowers   Back To Square One   Back To Square One (Big Picture)  
The Sky Is The Limit   Blue Water   Just Another Picasso   Blue Carafe -73  
One Is Too Much   Life, Circus and Me   Happy Carneval   Woman Dreaming  
Windmills in My Mind   Don't Ever Try To Understand Everything   Happy Carneval  
Life is Not Black or White   Dream 4 (1975)   When Reality Comes Around  
Just Happy   Trapped In A Lie   The Bright Side of Chaos  They Can't Take My Love Away 
Woman, Woman, Women   Crazy, In Love   Another World In My World  
Somewhere In The Crowd There's You   I Know That You Exist   B Mine (1) 2003   B Mine (2) 2003  
Summer Abstraction 2006   Memory Of The Past - and - Dream About The Future  
Love Is Not Always On Time   Chess in Hell   There Is No Easy Way Out  
The Phantom of the Opera   Love Me If You Dare   White Shadow Without Strings  
The City and Me   Amaze Me, Distract Me, Inspire Me, Love Me   A Child Of God   
The Past Is Gone, So What !   The Square One In The Corner   Christmas Flower  
When The Rumor Flies High, The Truth Takes The Slow Train   Blue Nude Henrietta   
Come Fly With Me, Lets Fly away...   The House Of The Rising Sun  
Something With A Woman ...   Alone With God Again   Point Of No Return (1)  
The Milky Way Garden   It's Just Because (1)   Keep The Train Running   The Blue Cup  
It's A Long Way To Tipperary   One Of Us is Lying (1)   One Of Us is Lying (2)  
When The Rumor Flies High The Truth Takes The Slow Train - 2004   Abstract Art For Sale  
Sunset 73 (Black Frame)   Sunset 73 (Brown Frame) Dick White   
Ongoing Project Sep. 2006    SlideShow 150x150    Ongoing Project Oct. 2006   
Release Me (Interior 2)    Abstract Flowers    Erotic And Nude Abstract Art  
Some Working Days In The Studio Nov. 2007   My Red Lenochka   We Are What We Are   
Karl Bildt Utan Klipp    Farmer John    Bob Dylan Inspired Oil Paintings   
Who Am I To Say That?    Short Art Movies    Different Ongoing ArtWorks   
Two Abstract Paintings    Art For Sale    Colorful Non-Figurative Art    Miscellaneous
At The End Of The Road To Nowhere Is Where You Will Find Me
In Memory Of Britt Löfgren, Uppsala - (10 April 1954 - 15 Augusti 2012)
Flowers - 1973
Jesus - in Bulgarian Languages      
A Man In The Middle Of Varna - in Bulgarian Languages    Fuck You Cruel World - 2003
Acrylic Paintings - 2003

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