From The Studio - 2011.   Artist Tommie Olofsson

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    Blue-Winged Gypsy Carafe - Nov. 2011     A Fallen Angel Is Still An Angel
Dec. 2011
    Another State Of Mind   Oct-Nov. 2011     Soccer-Face - Oct. 2011
    I Don't Wanna Sing The Blues In The Dark Aug. 2011     Night After Night, No Questions Asked - Aug. 2011
    Love Me For The One I Am
Aug. 2011
    Home Is Where Your Heart Is
- Aug. 2011
    When Time Is The Space Between Us
Jul. 2011
    Tell Me Why
- Aug. 2011
    Black Hearted Woman Blues
Jun. 2011
    A Child Of God
- Jul. 2011
    Pablo Picasso From Malaga - Jun. 2011   Fredriksson The Teddy Bear
- Jun. 2011
    Seven Different Kinds Of People - Jun. 2011   Woman Thinking Outside The Box
- Jun. 2011
    Strange Woman Without Strings - May. 2011   I Will Survive
Even If My Guitar Is Broken - May. 2011
    Miss April - Apr. 2011   Still Running In The Twilight Zone
May. 2011
    Everybody Is Looking For Something - Apr. 2011    Everybody Is Looking For Something
Apr. 2011
    The Small Stonehenge People - Mar. 2011    This Boomerang Will Never Comes Back
Mar. 2011
    A Bird In The Hand
Is Worth Two In The Bush - Feb. 2011
   Me And Bobby Mcgee
Mar. 2011
    Still Waiting - Feb. 2011    The Day Before You Came
Feb. 2011
    The Happy Family - Jan. 2011    Staring Out Across Tomorrow
Jan. 2011
    The Restless Warrior - Jan. 2011 Commitments In The Midnight Hour
Jan. 2011

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